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When Pop Stars Go Into Rehab
JAN. 8, 2014

When it comes to aging pop stars, we’re used to one sort of renovation — the kind that involves faces being buffed up. But the DIY Network has found a winning formula that involves a more conventional form of renovation and pairing older stars with older homes.

Already, the network plays host to Vanilla Ice and his various home-improvement shows. Now, 2014 brings two more programs in what is shaping up to be a curious genre.

On “Rev Run’s Renovation,” which debuted last week, Rev Run of Run-D.M.C. fame is updating his 9,000-square-foot home in New Jersey. This spring, Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates will bring his 18th-century Connecticut farmhouse back to glory on “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall.”

Kathleen Finch, the president of DIY and HGTV, said the shows subvert viewers’ perceptions about pop stars and how they live.

“You imagine glamorous lives in hotels and tricked-out tour buses,” she said. “To see them stand in the Home Depot flooring department, deciding on what color tile like we all do, is a funny, leveling experience.”

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